Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer is upon me, which means summer work hours are going to cut out the possibility of escape. I'm sad about it, because there are so many places I want to go, both as an accessory to another person's adventure and the sole explorer of my own: 

-minnesota, for a week-long canoe trip in august, with chris

-maine, for a cabin retreat with john & his friends

-maine, for myself, by myself

-nyc, for marta's reading, and to see chris/genevieve/all of the other people i know living there

-montana, for myself, by myself, because i just want to.

-montana, as a tag-along, if chris goes out to report a feature story there

-bellingham, WA, and Seattle, just for me. 

-toronto, just for me. 

-glasgow, just for me, and to ride in the glasgow-to-edinburgh bike ride in the fall.

-istanbul, again. for me. with chelsea. 

-chicago, for myself, and to visit family. 

-chicago, with john& his friends, for a cubs game. 

-pittsburgh & the surrounding middle of noplace, with whoever wanted to go, just because i like it. 

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