Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm noise intolerant. I know this well, and so does everyone who has to live with me: I'm constantly asking people to stop making sounds, or turn their sounds down. It's not all the time that I feel assaulted by the information in my ears, and not everything's a trigger... but there's a whole lot of clanging and scraping and humming out there that drives me batty, and so, for kicks, I've made up a list of some noises that I just can't stand.

trucks sputtering, spitting exhaust, accelerating
clanging of silverware on plates or saucepans
dogs barking
car alarms
high-pitched, human squeaks and squeals
other people fucking
dainty chewing
heavy footfall
sharp laughter
movies with lots of explosions
ambient music
loud ceiling fans
drunks shouting
muffled voices
ambient noise from televisions
jam bands
people muttering under their breath in public
flies buzzing
loud exhales in otherwise silent rooms
wet kisses

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