Monday, August 27, 2012

Today was the first day of the last 5 for which I did not have to set an alarm. I went to bed when I felt like it last night (11-ish pm) and woke up when my body wanted to (6 45am). Before putting glasses on, I stumbled into and out of the bathroom, and when I aimed back towards the bed, I noticed the train outside my kitchen window. Trains run by all the time; the tracks behind my house are heavily trafficked. Usually I see basic boxcars or grain hoppers, or long, black chains of tankers slinking through the trees, headed northeast. This morning, in my nearsighted blur, I made out oddly shaped blobs of green, though, and when I put my specs on, laughed out loud: a parade of factory-issue John Deere tractors wended its way across the neighborhood. 

I'm always a little susceptible to feeling down on a day off from work, after a string of early mornings and intense shifts. This was a hell of a way to wake up, though. Instant humor! It was the best good morning.

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