Sunday, January 22, 2012

perhaps not a couple yet... but maybe the two people sitting to my right will let their flirtation (evident in their too-casual conversation) lead them somewhere. it's just past noon on a sunny sunday and i'm full of anxious butterflies and soymilk, coffee, and chocolate syrup, sitting at the counter of a coffeeshop, wearily achieving nothing. i want a cigarette.

she's knitting; he's wearing a grey-blue henley and reading an e-reader. i hate e-readers, and i have no patience for knitting, but these sins aside they look like nice enough people: normal, kinda dorky, mostly calm. i don't like feeling so judgmental.

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Michael Gill said...

Hey there .... where are you? I don't know how much I missed you by at Chick's place ... I got there about 10 p.m. Anyway, Great Lakes Courier planning continues. Let me know how you are.