Friday, November 25, 2011

A little short one

Standing at the register to order a cup of coffee this morning, a little boy- no more than two years old- found himself tangled in my legs as he paced, running his hand along the corrugated metal accenting the face of the counter. His mother apologized and lifted him away, although when she let his feet back to the ground he ran right back to my knees. That mother’s lesson on personal boundaries was probably for the best, but her young son’s unintentional affection made me smile. I am guilty, all too often, of letting a serious mind overwhelm a playful soul; I don’t spend enough time around children to enjoy the reminder of their behavior to stay imaginative, colorful, and light-hearted. Not that kids are the only ones who remind me- I am lucky enough to know some adults who embrace and indulge the two year old- or the five year old, or the ten year old- within themselves that never quite caught up as the years went by.

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