Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's early, but I should be out of my bed already.

Instead, when my alarm went off, I turned on my computer to see if anything had changed in the world since my last insomnia-driven internet hadn't, at least not on Facebook, and the new item up on steepandcheap was a pair of sunglasses that winter in Cleveland renders completely useless.

But! I read Marta's blog, which I do every few days.

Her most recent word-driven post (because often, her posts are pictures, often of bikes--!!) was about the words "i love you." I don't think she ever told me the story of why she says it. I don't think many people have a story for why they say it.

It's early and my stomach hurts already and I slept like crap, but emotionally speaking, that post turned my insides to mush. I am reminded, with every little hint of Marta, why I love her. This morning, her post about love reawakened me of mine.

marta! i love you!

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