Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meaning to write an article about the Root Cafe (which I might submit to various local publications), I changed my clothes from dirty tee to button down and biked off for coffee and the Lakewood library this afternoon. Despite my mug of coffee, though, I'm unable to command enough mental energy to write much of anything but fodder for casual conversation. These early mornings are killing me. They may not be inherently damaging, but coupled with my anxiety-driven inability to fall asleep before eleven pm, these early alarms have really done a number on my intellectual faculties.

Generally speaking, I don't enjoy relying on drugs, but I might ask Chick for a sleeping pill this evening, and try to be dead to the world by nine.

That, or I'll just go the old-fashioned route and, after supper, have a gin and tonic with extra lime.

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