Sunday, May 31, 2009

It may be noon, but it still feels like morning. I think it's because people tend to get a liesurely start to their Sundays...they wake up when they wish without the help of an alarm, they go for a walk or a bike ride or simply sit, bundled on the porch with a mug of coffee, taking in the chilly late-spring morning.

Coventry road was bright but its sidewalks sparse at eleven when I rode my bike around the corner to work. The first hour of my shift passed as I sat watching only an occasional pedestrian stroll by, presumably set on Tommy's for mid-morning brunch. Sometimes a biker would fly down the far side of the street towards Mayfield, but few other wheels warmed the pavement and I reveled in the general calm both in the store and out.

Gradually people begin to wake up and venture out of their slow mornings. I had one customer, and then another, and as the stack of the Sunday Times walked out the door customer by customer, I noticed too that the street outside my window was perking up. Traffic, foot and car, is setting the hum I'm used to on Coventry road. It's come later than usual, and it has a more relaxed frequency than it does in the evenings or during the week. There's no urgency to this activity. The street lacks the cluttered rush of a 5 o'clock jam on friday afternoon.

It's nice to watch the morning evolve.

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